As I’m sure many of you reading this already know, my sweet girl, Keira, was diagnosed with celiac disease about six months ago. And what does a writer do when given this little slice of lemon? Well, she writes about it. This is my therapy. As an educator, I also wanted a place where I could share information with the masses–and I think I’m using that term lightly since maybe my mom and a couple of friends are probably the only ones reading this. But I don’t care. I just want a place where I can vent about our bad days, celebrate our successes, update on doctor visits, and basically keep track of Keira’s journey. And if our story enlightens anybody along the way–all the better!

During the past six months, I have spent many hours reading articles and listening to webinars about celiac disease and the devil that is gluten. I have learned so much because I wanted to. I am not a doctor, and you should not take everything I say to heart. I’m just a mom, and sometimes I write really late at night or very early in the morning–I also haven’t hired editors to go over my writing with a fine tooth comb. So, take what I write and if it resonates with you, do something about it. Ask your doctor, look it up, talk to friends, and reflect on your own life. Search for your own answers while letting my little piece of blog-land serve as a springboard to your journey.

My other goal in creating a blog was to save you guys the time and energy (and coffee) it took me to learn about this disease by compiling a bunch of information right here. It is my hope that while sharing Keira’s story, our struggles, our gains, and our questions, you will find something you are looking for. Whether we can help you answer a question, or just entertain you, I am glad you are here.


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